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Why use me?

I am a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

I am passionate about product delivery using Agile Scrum and Lean development processes helping organisations become more product and value focused in their approach and execution of software development projects

I have a proven track record of managing, coaching and empowering cross-functional teams to deliver products through the full software development life-cycle using Agile and Lean techniques and methodologies

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My key skills

  • Building high performance cross-functional delivery teams that deliver real value
  • Agile Scrum coaching and mentoring
  • Running the Agile Scrum events to ensure transparent progress through the project life-cycle
  • Using KanBan and Lean techniques to get immediate results and Continuous Improvement
  • Planning your product roadmap and building the Scrum Artifacts
  • Backlog Refinement and user story mapping
  • Customer and stakeholder management at all levels
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What makes me different from the rest?

  • I am able to understand and add value to your organisation by identifying which techniques and methods would work best for your delivery teams
  • I get initial results quickly whilst planning for medium and longer term successful, sustainable product focused delivery
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Give me a try

If you would like to give me a try then drop me an email or find me on LinkedIn